Investing in Watches

Alternative Investments

Whilst GMG are one of the UK’s leading retailers of luxury watches, we also offer a number of services to our clients to cater to their investment needs.

For many years now, savvy investors have been investing in luxury timepieces as an alternative to the usual stocks and shares. And they have seen remarkable returns on their investments.

The past 3 years in particular have seen meteoric rises in watch prices whilst more and more investors have diversified their portfolios and taken advantage of this lucrative sector.

GMG can help curate an investment portfolio specifically tailored to your needs and desired level of investment.

We offer 3 ways in which to invest your money.

Personal Curation

Our sales team can assist you in curating your collection with the sole purpose of investment. Investment watches should never be worn and where possible be stored in a secure vault facility (which we can provide) until the time comes to sell. 

A 12 month minimum term is required with a minimum investment level of £50,000. 

You can expect to yield 8-12% per annum investing in this manner.

GMG Fund Management

This option allows participants to invest into the GMG fund. This is our day to day operating fund where we buy and sell all the luxury timepieces you see across our social platforms.

This investment strategy yields the highest return on investment but requires more commitment from its users.

A minimum investment of £100,000 will look to return 20-22% of your investment, annually. 

Essentially you become a partner of GMG.

Buy to Sell on Consignment

The easiest way to start with the lowest level of commitment but a very healthy return.

Buying to sell is exactly what it says on the tin. We will help you identify the right pieces to buy at the right times and facilitate the deals on your behalf. With profits reinvested after each sale you will build your capital on a weekly basis.

Essentially you will be putting your money to work on a daily basis leaving us to buy and sell on your behalf. 

A 30 day rolling commitment is required and minimum £15,000 initial investment.

To speak to us about any of our investment options, speak to Bobby today on 07753628986.