Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit

Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit

The Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit is a must have for all watch enthusiasts that are keen to keep their timepieces in boutique fresh condition.

Kit includes:

- 1x 60ml watch cleaning foam 

- 1x 2ml watch pen 

- 1x soft brush

- 1x watch drying towel

- 1x watch drying towel 

How to use: 

  • Remove watch from wrist and place on the “Watch Drying Towel”.
  • Take the “Watch Pen” and remove lid. Rotate the base of the pen to put cleaning liquid into the soft bristles.
  • Use the watch pen to clean any hard-to-reach areas such as Inside clasp, links, bezel or any other areas dirt has built up on the watch.
  • Take the “Watch Cleaning Foam” and give the watch 3-4 squirts until fully covered. Allow to sit on the watch for 10-20 seconds to degrease and loosen any dirt or grime.
  • Use the soft brush provided to agitate any dirt by brushing gently all over the watch.
  • Ensure watch is fully rinsed and all excess solution removed and wipe dry using the watch drying towel.
  • Once clean and dry use the “Watch Polishing cloth” to buff your timepiece to restore a beautiful original lustre.
  • Place the timepiece back on your wrist and enjoy.

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